5 Triple Sec Substitutes for your cocktail recipe

5 Triple Sec Substitutes for your cocktail recipe

5 Triple Sec Substitutes for your cocktail recipe

Tequila – Check, Ice – Check, Triple Sec? 


No Triple Sec? No problem! Below we’ve curated 5 triple sec replacements (in no particular order) to help save you a trip to the store or an off balanced cocktail.


What is Triple Sec? 

This is a good place to start when looking to substitute an ingredient, what is triple sec? 

Triple Sec is an orange flavored liqueur made from dried orange peels with an ABV ranging from 20% – 40%. Originating in France this liqueur is a true cocktail pilar, but not for consuming neat or as a citrus shooter. Triple sec is used in preparing majority of the world’s most popular mixed drinks, including famously the Margarita, Sidecar and even the cosmopolitan. 

What does Triple Sec Taste Like? 

Triple Sec is oddly more pleasant on its own than you’d think, The flavor profile consists of a mildly sweet but very citrus almost vodka like liqueur. Think of a deeply infused orange vodka.

List of substitutes:

1. Cointreau 

Often categorized as a type of triple sec, this orange flavored liqueur can easily swap in for a cocktail that calls for triple sec.

Triple Sec Substitutes

2. Grand Marnier


While a little darker in color Grand Marnier offers a premium blend of cognacs with wild tropical oranges from the Caribbean giving a great citrus pop


Triple Sec Substitutes

3. Fresh Orange

Most mixologist would cringe at this alternative but often bars and home bars have actual citrus available and in every other alternative listed this fruit is the start of the show. Just be sure to use a fresh squeezed orange and not orange juice from concentrate. The peel of an orange also contains a potent citrus oil, so if the recipe calls for shaking feel free to toss a clean peel into the shaker to extract this
Triple Sec Substitutes

4. Lemon/Lime Juice

Very similar to the Fresh Orange lemon juice can also be used to achieve the citrus kick your recipe is looking for. For this just be careful not to overdo it as lemons and limes tend to pack a much more tart flavor.

Triple Sec Substitutes

5. Orange Curacao

This one is mainly for bars that have a surplus of old liqueurs on the shelf and may have overlooked this dusty bottle of Orange Curacao from a Featured Cocktail Menu Rollout. Orange Curacao makes a great substitute and as it captures both the citrus orange flavor and sweetness while also containing a similar amount of alcohol.

Triple Sec Substitutes


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